A Toned Tummy Without Breaking into a Sweat!

Fitness starts with a strong core. If you spend hours behind a desk and you want to tone your abdominal muscles, get creative and exercise your abdominals wherever you are without even getting out of your chair. All you need is a sturdy chair with a back rest.

Many people struggle with back and neck problems and can’t do the usual abdominal exercises. These seated abdominal exercises are just the thing as you do not use your neck or back muscles.

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You can do this exercise for your stomach and waist every day. It also works your thigh muscles:

1) LIFT ONE LEG: Sit with your back against the back of the chair. Abdominals contracted, plus back and shoulders upright. Place your hands behind the backrest to support you. Lift your left leg as you contract your abdominal muscles.


IMG_14632) LIFT THE SECOND LEG SO THAT BOTH ARE LIFTED:  Lift your right leg so that both feet are off the ground and your knees are almost at breast level. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted. Hold the position for 2 seconds before lowering your legs see step 3.


3) FEET RETURN TO THE FLOOR: Now lower both legs simultaneously until your feet touch ground. Repeat the entire exercise: Lift left leg, lift right leg, lower both. Repeat 10 times. This is one set. Rest for 10 seconds and do more sets according to the recommendation below…

How many?

  • Beginners: 1 set
  • Intermediate: 3 sets
  • Advanced: 5 sets

Additional: Lift both legs simultaneously and hold the position for 10-30 seconds. Keep your abdominals tightly contracted!

How many?

  • Beginners: 10 sec
  • Intermediate: 20 sec
  • Advanced: 30 sec

Have fun!
Linda xxx

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