Collagen Water – Prickly Pear & Elderflower (6 Pack)

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South Africa’s first Sparkling Collagen Water! Your daily dose of collagen (11g). To make your life just a little bit easier, just grab and go. 

Sparkling Water
11g added Collagen peptides (peptides 1&3)

Collagen peptides reduce wrinkles, supports your joints, fights the effect of ageing and promotes stronger hair & nails.

Experience South Africa’s first Sparkling Collagen Water! Savour the taste, knowing that each sip contributes to smoother skin, strengthened joints, and healthier hair and nails. Conveniently packaged for on-the-go lifestyles, this provides you with your daily collagen intake. With a generous 11g infusion of collagen peptides (peptides 1&3), indulge in a sugar-free, flavoured drink that not only hydrates but also invigorates your beauty and wellness routine. Embrace the holistic benefits of collagen with every convenient, grab-and-go gulp.


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