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Paula Klaassen

Lost 11 % of her body weight in 3 months

“At 47 years old with 2 children and 3 grandchildren, I decided to embark on the 3-month Body Transformation challenge using the LK Fitness app. My ultimate aim was to become a fit, energetic, and healthy granny, ensuring I could actively engage with my grandchildren for many years ahead. The app proved to be a game-changer, facilitating an effortless journey towards transforming my body and overall well-being. In just 3 months, I not only achieved my desired weight but also experienced an unparalleled sense of vitality and confidence.
A major source of support and motivation throughout this journey was the incredible community within the Facebook closed group for app users. Being a part of this community of like-minded women, all striving for better health and fitness, has been truly empowering. Linda’s involvement and constant motivation are invaluable to us all. I’m grateful for this positive transformation that has enriched my life in countless ways.”

Amanda van Staden

Lost 16,2 kg in 3 months.

“Having started numerous diet and exercise programs in the past, I often found myself giving up after just a few days. However, with the incredible support from the LK Fitness app and its community, this time was different—I finally stuck to my intentions and achieved my goals. I chose the Low-GI eating plan on the app and started with intermittent fasting after reading Linda’s article. It suited me perfectly, becoming a seamless part of my lifestyle. I also made the decision to cut back on alcohol, but I allow myself one cheat night in a week.
Starting with the beginner level of exercises, I gradually progressed to the advanced level, thanks to the well-designed workout plans. LK Fitness, your app is truly remarkable, and your team is incredibly friendly and supportive. Thank you for making my fitness journey an enjoyable and successful one!”

Willene Kruger

Lost 15,8 kg in 3 months

“As my 40th birthday approached, I yearned to look and feel my best. That’s when I discovered the LK Fitness app, and it turned out to be a life-changing decision. The BBT challenge provided me with an unmatched sense of confidence and motivation that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Throughout my journey, the LK Fitness app and challenge became a treasure, enriching my life in unimaginable ways.
Beyond the physical transformation, this experience has become much more than a mere challenge—it’s now my new lifestyle. I’m deeply grateful for the joys and lasting benefits this journey has brought to me. Thank you, LK Fitness, for empowering me to embrace a healthier, happier version of myself.”

Realette Hanekom

Lost 23,9 kg in 9 months

“Tired of breathlessness and ill-fitting clothes, I decided to transform myself in 2022 with the LK Fitness app. Though challenging at first, the new lifestyle gradually became easier. Being diagnosed lactose intolerant posed another obstacle, but I persevered on my weight loss journey. It wasn’t always easy, but persistence paid off. This is not the end of my journey; I see the LK Fitness app as my new lifestyle, not just a diet. With determination, I will continue to embrace this positive change.”

Tanya Wessels

Lost 21,5 kg in 9 months

“After a life-altering car accident in 2003, I struggled with weight gain and low energy. Countless diets failed, until I discovered the LK Fitness app. Following the Banting meal plan and intermittent fasting, the weight started coming off naturally. Adapting the app exercises to my abilities and staying active through hiking and daily walks, I lost an impressive 21.5 kg. Feeling more energetic and satisfied, I realized that healthy eating and activity are the key to lasting success. If I could do it, anyone can. Thank you, Linda and the LK Fitness team, for helping me reclaim my life and inspiring others along the way!”

Zelda Roch

Lost 10kg in 3 months

“I LOVE the app. It’s everything you need and more. The Facebook private group is very motivating. It was not only a challenge but a lifestyle change for me. Thank you very much Linda.”

Riana Bezuidenhoudt

Lost 23.93% body weight in 9 months

“Since my teenage years, I struggled with being overweight, gradually gaining more weight over time. Crash diets never worked, and my painful joints made my job as a sheep farmer challenging. In 2021, I discovered the LK Fitness app and Linda Kriel’s Low GI eating plan, which impressed me with its convenience and healthy approach.
Living remotely, the app opened up a new world for me, connecting me with a supportive community sharing the same goals. Despite slow progress, it became a way of life, and I lost 21.7 kg without feeling impatient. I felt twenty years younger, with no joint pain, and improved my self-esteem.
At 54, I proved that weight loss is possible with dedication and encouragement from LK Fitness. I aim to lose more weight and enhance my fitness, excited for the next part of my journey. Thank you, Linda and your team, for transforming my life in the best way possible!”

Surei du Plessis

Surei, a mother of three, struggled to shed the last 3kg after pregnancies. After gaining 2kg during the holidays, she turned to the LK Fitness app. The beginner exercises, only 7 to 10 minutes long, were manageable. As she progressed, Surei bravely tried the intermediate level, now exercising for 20 to 30 minutes. With the low GI meal plan, she hit her goal weight and discovered a love for cooking. No longer worried about dinner, her family now compliments her skills. The app became her lifestyle, and she plans to continue. “Thank you Linda and team for this amazing app!”

Lize Beukes

“The LK Fitness app has been the best investment for me. My progress is visible, and I feel incredibly motivated. I’ve even inspired my colleagues to join this amazing journey. Linda’s app is a constant source of motivation. I couldn’t be happier, it’s truly the best decision I’ve made!”


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