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To ensure you make the most of your LK Fitness app, here’s some helpful information about each of the five buttons at the bottom of your screen:


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Exercise programs

A different exercise program is set for each day of the year at the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Your exercise programs for the week usually are a combination of:

  • Circuit training,
  • Long cardio sessions,
  • High Intension Interval Training (HIIT), and
  • Toning.
  • Stretching

A note about the exercises:

  • Each video demonstrating how to do the set exercise is 1 minute or shorter.
  • For a written description of most exercises, click on “i”
  • You will hear a “beep” sound when the REST period is over and 3 “beeps” during the last 3 seconds of an exercise. (Make sure your phone’s sound is on and loud enough to hear.)
  • Videos don’t include in-app audio so that you are able to listen to your preferred playlist whilst exercising.
    • Access your music library on your phone (Spotify / iTunes / Apple Music).
    • Choose your music.
    • Return to your exercises (you should now hear your own music).
    • If you don’t hear your music when you return to your exercises, simply go back to your music library, choose your music again, and return to the exercises on the app. The second time it will work.
  • If you don’t always have access to strong wifi, you can download the videos so that they are stored on your app. To do this, click on the “download” arrow.

Two-week view

The LK Fitness app provides you with a “two-week” view of your exercise program and menu:

  • The current week’s exercise program and menu.
  • preview of the following week’s exercise program and menu.

The preview is unlocked weekly on a Friday. Thus, every Friday morning, you’ll be able to view the following week’s menu and exercise program details.

Click on “Next Week” to see what exercises are scheduled for the following week and what the menu will consist of. That way you can plan your grocery shopping in advance. (Note that recipes are always available to you, regardless of whether they will feature on that week’s menu.)



One-day detox

We highly recommend that before you start following your chosen menu, that you do a one-day detox.
There are significant physical and psychological benefits to starting your meal plan on a clean slate. So much so that you may even decide to repeat it once weekly or once a month.


A set of guidelines for each diet category (keto/banting, low GI and Mediterranean) that really serve as the foundation for each meal plan and its associated recipes. These guidelines will help you to make informed choices and allow you to make smart swaps when you wish to adapt the given menu.


A menu for each diet category (keto/banting, low GI and Mediterranean) that changes from week to week.
Certain meals have associated recipes, which are either linked directly via a “See recipe” button or can be found by heading to the recipes section.

We are all different. What works for an individual may not work for someone else. 
Thus, you have the option to follow a variety of menus:

  1. Keto/Banting (low carb)
  2. Low GI (healthy carbs)
  3. Mediterranean

Each menu consists of a number of delicious and easy to prepare recipes, as well as a list of guidelines to follow.
Since these are all excellent diets, the most important factor determining your success is whether you’ll be able to adhere to the diet’s guidelines in the long term. Therefore, when deciding which menu is for you, read through the menu’s guidelines and ask yourself:

  • Which menu sounds most suited to my natural likes and dislikes?
  • Which menu would be the easiest plan for me (and my family) to follow?

You should also read more about the diet itself, by looking at the FAQ “Tips for choosing a meal plan”



Healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch and supper recipes in alphabetical order for each diet category (keto/banting, low GI and Mediterranean).

Where there are a number of recipes in the same category, you’ll note that they’re named: “Soup – mushroom” instead of “Mushroom soup.” Don’t feel like the specific soup on the menu? No problem, swap it out for any of the other soup recipes instead, with all the soup options listed together.



This section of the LK Fitness app is separated into four parts:

Your personal details

You are able to save your profile picture, enter your height, current and goal weights to help you keep track of your progress.


A record of whether you’re subscribed on a yearly or monthly basis. Remember that your subscription renews automatically. Read more about this in the FAQ’s under “Subscriptions, cancellations & refunds.”


Answers to frequently asked questions, and other helpful hints.

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Linda has a passion for healthy living and helping others achieve their goals. This is made clear through her exciting career and impactful contributions to the health and fitness industry which we give an overview of in this section of the app.


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