7 Reasons why sugar is bad for you

  • Sugar can contribute to getting cancer. Scientists believe that if you have consistently high levels of insulin (a cause of eating too much sugar too often) it can lead to cancer. The harmful effect that sugar has on your metabolism greatly contributes to inflammation, which is also a potential contributor to cancer.
  • Sugar can be addictive as a result of the dopamine that is secreted by your brain.
  • Sugar contains many kilojoules with no essential nutrients.
  • It is the leading contributor to obesity due to the effect that it has on your hormones and your brain.
  • New research shows that sugar can lead to heart disease. For many years it was thought that the fat in your diet led to heart disease, but studies now show that saturated fats are harmless, and that there is a strong correlation between high sugar intake and heart disease.
  • The fructose in sugar causes your liver to be overworked. However, this does not apply to fruit, because it is virtually impossible to absorb too much fructose if you are eating fruit.
  • Sugar can cause you to become insulin resistant, which can lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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