Sugar, Sweet Poison

After talking with many people over the years about their health and eating habits, one thing is clear: sugar is playing tricks on us. Let’s talk about why it’s time to start pushing it aside. Here are some reasons to start minimising your sugar intake today:

1. The Link to Cancer

Ever thought your morning coffee fix could be connected to something not-so-sweet? Turns out, sugar increases cancer risk through insulin spikes. A small tweak, like cutting back on sugar in your coffee, could be a game-changer.

2. An Addictive Temptation

Sugar is highly addictive, if you’re able to break its grip you will have so much more confidence and mental strength to take on other challenges in your fitness journey. Knowing it’s addictive puts the reins back in our hands. Try swapping sugary snacks for smarter options and feel the control kick in. CLICK HERE to read about better snack options.

3. Hormonal Havoc

Busy lives, hormonal chaos – sugar’s the reason behind many of those cravings and overeating episodes. Smart snacking and balanced meals are your secret weapons.

4. Heart Health Alert

It’s not just the fat; it’s the sugar causing heart ripples. Recent research has exposed sugar as a major contributor to heart disease.

5. Liver Overload

Excessive fructose from added sugars puts stress on your liver, potentially leading to health issues. Be picky about where your fructose comes from, especially when you’re reaching for that sweet fix.

6. Insulin Issues

Sugar’s link to metabolic drama and diabetes is real. Start small – cut back on sugar in your coffee or grab the sugar-free swap. Your future self will thank you.

To read about yummy snack ideas that are healthier for you, CLICK HERE.


To all you awesome LK Fitness women, whether Low GI, Keto/Banting, or Mediterranean, let’s tag team against sugar. Less sugar, less drama – it’s a simple win for all of us. Keep rocking your health journey, no matter which path you choose!

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