Join Our Facebook Closed Group: Achieving Goals Together

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly can be challenging at times. It’s easy to get demotivated, lose focus, and fall back into old habits. One way to overcome this hurdle is by becoming part of a fitness community. Being surrounded by people with similar fitness goals and ambitions can make a significant impact on your progress. We have an LK Fitness Facebook Closed Group for this very purpose!

To join the LK Fitness Facebook Closed Group, click here.

Join Our Community

For those who are already using the LK Fitness App, we invite you to join our Facebook closed group for an even stronger sense of community. This private group is exclusively for LK Fitness App users and is a great way to connect with others who are on a similar fitness journey. In this group, you’ll have access to a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded individuals who are all striving towards their fitness goals.

“The Facebook Close Group is awesome. The sharing, motivating, and positive comments encourage me to keep on training and posting.” – Paula Klaassen (Winner of the Best Body Transformation Challenge 2023)

Here are some benefits you can get from joining our Closed Group:

Motivation to Achieve Exercise Goals:

When you become a part of our Facebook Closed Group, you surround yourself with other women who share similar goals and aspirations as you and this can help keep you motivated and accountable. When you see other people working hard towards their goals, it can push you to do the same. Members often post their goals, workouts, and progress on the group, and they always receive great support and comments from others.

“I’m following the meal plan and exercise plan. The “New Me” is in progress. Thank you for the great articles and motivation of everyone on this Facebook group.” – Hermien

Valuable Tips and Inspirational Discussions:

The group is an excellent place to connect with people who are knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I (Linda) am an active member on the group and am always ready to give advice, there are also others with great experience and expertise on the group whom you can learn a lot from to help you improve your workout routine and achieve your fitness goals. Engaging in inspiring discussions can help you learn new things, challenge yourself, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

“Thanks to all the women on the Facebook group, everyday you make me believe that I can do it.” – Yolanda

Sharing Progress and Achievements:

In the closed group you can share your progress and achievements with others who understand the hard work and dedication required to achieve your goals. You can share your weight-loss progress, or share a photo or video from your LK Fitness workout, and you can see others sharing theirs as well. Sharing your successes can help boost your confidence and keep you motivated. It’s also an excellent way to inspire others and encourage them to keep working towards their goals.

“It was a long and hard battle to push through the exercises. Some days it went well. Some days not so well. I had to dig deep to get motivation. Luckily there is a community out here on Linda’s platforms that pulled me through the hard days.” – Tanya Wessels (Biggest Loser winner 2022)

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Support and Being Supported:

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of being part of our LK Fitness community is the support you receive from others. When you join, just take a look and the comment sections of the posts and you’ll see the amazing support from everyone. In this group of people who share similar fitness/weight-loss goals and ambitions, you can lean on each other for support and encouragement. Being able to vent to someone who understands the struggle or receiving positive reinforcement from someone who has been there can make a world of difference. And when you support others, you feel good knowing that you are helping someone else achieve their goals.

“The group motivation helps a lot when I am feeling fed up. I will definitely be continuing with the program, it has become my lifestyle.” – Anina

To join the LK Fitness Facebook Closed Group, click here.


Being part of a fitness community can make a significant impact on your progress. It provides motivation, the opportunity to engage in inspiring discussions, the ability to share progress and achievements, access to valuable tips and advice, and support from others. So join our fantastic LK Fitness community, because together, you can achieve more than you ever thought you could.

To join the LK Fitness Facebook Closed Group, click here.

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