Will I ever have a flat tummy again?

The answer is yes – especially if you haven’t had children yet.

The best thing any woman can do for herself is to strengthen her abdominal muscles with regular abdominal exercises, long before she becomes pregnant. Then, to resume the exercises as soon as possible after the birth.

With the correct exercises, some adjustments to your diet and the necessary perseverance, you can experience the joy of a flat tummy again in just a few months.

How flat can your tummy be?

The truth is that your tummy is not supposed to be completely flat.

The reason? One’s torso has the shape of an hourglass and the abdominal muscles are positioned in such a way that it takes on a rounded (not flat) shape to fit the rest of your body. There will always be a slight curve. Good news, right!?

Toned abdominal muscles help improve your posture, but will also help prevent lower back problems since it holds the internal organs in place.

When you exercise and watch what you eat, you should get rid of unsightly fat rolls around your waist.

Do these three things for a flat tummy:
  1. Strengthen your abdominal muscles by doing regular (5 times a week) abdominal exercises.
  2. Get rid of the fat layer under the skin by reducing your fat intake.
  3. Do cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, circuit, cardio kickboxing or HIIT.

You have a choice. You could struggle on your own to get a flatter tummy, or you could let us help you.
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