Biggest Loser 2022 Transformations

Between February and November of 2022, LK Fitness hosted another Biggest Loser Competition that inspired women from all walks of life to take on the challenge to lose weight and become fitter & healthier. The 2022 winner & two runners up won prizes to the value of R38 000.

The Biggest Loser competition winner is the person who has lost the largest percentage of their body weight. How to calculate percentage weight loss? Divide the weight lost in kg by the starting weight and then multiply that by 100.

Below, we share a few heart-felt stories with you from some of those who participated and completed this year’s challenge. These women lost between 10 and 23.93 % of their body weight. We know that this is an incredible achievement and we are very proud of them!

Just look at how happy and confident they all look:

Biggest Loser 2022 winner – Riana

Let’s celebrate each of their victories! Read about the obstacles, challenges and setbacks they overcame and mind-shifts they were able to make, achieving their goals and how the LK Fitness app, helped guide them through the journey to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Biggest loser 2022 WINNER & Runner-ups!

Winner Riana, at the age of 54 lost 23,93 % of her body weight, feels 20 years younger and suffers no more joint pains. She has not just won R24 000 worth of prizes, but her quality of life and self-esteem have greatly improved!

Riana’s before and after – lost 21.7 kg

Riana’s story

Since my teenage years I have been overweight, and over time I have gradually gained more and more weight. I never had success with crash diets because by the third day I wanted to gorge on any food I could lay my hands on. As I got older and heavier, I started to struggle a lot with painful joints and in my job as a sheep farmer, it is essential to be able to move. At the end of 2021, I read about LK Fitness app in an article about Linda Kriel and decided to start her Low GI eating plan in January 2022. The fact that the app’s exercises could be done in the comfort of my own home, and that no diet powders or pills were needed, impressed me a lot. It was important for me to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. We live 50 kilometers from the nearest rural town, and the LK Fitness app has opened up a new world for me, as I am a “hermit” who does not often come to a town or city. It was wonderful for me to feel part of a group of people with the same goal and it motivated me a lot to stick to the eating program. The large variety of dishes on the meal plan, even with the limited ingredients from a country store, was delicious with a few adjustments here and there. The spinach soup was our “comfort food” especially in the winter, it is delicious. After the first three months, I literally felt twenty years younger, with no more joint pain. Some weeks I only lost 100 grams, then again 1.2 kg and sometimes nothing, but because it became a way of life for me, I didn’t get impatient, and just aimed for the next kilogram less. Eventually I lost 21.7 kg so unnoticed. As James Clear explains in his book Atomic Habits: if one can only improve by 1% every day, and sustain this for a year, at the end of the year one has improved 37 times. At first I got a lot of negative comments from people who said that at my age (54) it would be very difficult to lose weight. I am happy to report that one can indeed lose weight at 54, and that it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Thanks to the LK Fitness app and the encouragement of Linda and her team, my quality of life and self-esteem have greatly improved. I would like to lose another 9 kg, and work on my fitness. I am very much looking forward to the next part of the journey.

First runner up Realette lost 18.39 % of her body weight in 10 months with perseverance and persistence! It paid off and she won R11,000 worth of prizes and continue with her new lifestyle!

Realette’s story

My weight loss journey with the LK Fitness app: I was tired of always being out of breath and struggling to find clothes that fit decently, then I decided 2022 was the year to work on myself. In the beginning I struggled with the whole process of the new lifestyle, but later it became easier. In the meantime, I was diagnosed, being lactose intolerant and I have to say, that put quite a damper on the whole diet path. Again I had to adjust my diet, but continued with the weight loss journey. Every day was not equally easy, but perseverance and persistence paid off. My journey does not stop here. I will continue, because I no longer see it as a diet, but my new lifestyle.

Second runner upChristell lost 17.83 % of her body weight and still going strong and look forward to the future. She won R2,000 worth of prizes!

Christell’s story

Through a difficult year I decided to try the LK Fitness challenge. What worked for me was the fact that the exercises were available on the app. I was never bored with any of the exercises because of their versatility. I could see and feel that the exercises really targeted the areas I wanted to address. There is so much information on the app and I was always informed. Would recommend to anyone. I will certainly continue my journey and look forward to the future! The LK Fitness app helped me a lot, when I had to leave my house three times this year due to unforeseen floods. It kept me on track.

Each participant who has lost at least 10% of her starting weight, and gave us their permission to use their photos – receive 3 months (free) additional subscription of the LK Fitness App.

Anneke started to notice the improvement, which gave her motivation. All the compliments boosted her to continue. She is sharing her secret of the LK Fitness app with everyone that asks.

Anneke lost 15.80 % in 10 months.

Anneke’s story

The first few months was extremely difficult, and the reason was that I have 2 growing boys. One of them loves meat and the other loves pasta. So, to stick to the diet and cook for them was a challenge.

After a few months people started noticing that I have lost weight, although I think it was more centimetres than kilograms. Then I started noticing that my clothes are saggy and I could really start to notice an improvement. The improvement I noticed, gave me motivation and the compliments I’ve received boosted me to continue.

It became easier and I was getting excited for the “weigh in day”. Something I dreaded for many years. This has now become a “normal” in my house and part of my daily routine and lifestyle. The LK Fitness app did help, but due to load shedding, I started to walk rather than exercise. I am thankful for the challenge and the updates that I received from the LK Fitness team. The process also motivated my husband and he started to follow the diet and exercise plans, which helped him to lose weight as well.

People also asked me what my secret was, and I told them about the LK Fitness program. Many of them want to join and asked about the diet that I was following.

Thank you LK Fitness team, for the challenge and support.

Jaqueline feels motivated and learned allot about nutrition and exercise that actually work.

Jaqueline lost 12.04 % in 10 months.

Jaqueline’s story

I’m a mom of three beautiful kids! I don’t even know were to start… I gained 20kg after my last pregnancy and really struggled to loose that weight. As a mommy we give so much of ourselves to our kids… but I’ve joined the LK Fitness app community and it really motivated me so much, I learned a lot about nutrition, exercise that actually work. I’ve started with 70.6kg and lost 8.5kg.

Odette realised what she is capable of, if you really want it. She is determined to continue with her journey to lose another 15 kg and changed her eating habits to fit in with her busy lifestyle: Slow and steady wins the race!

Odette lost 10.66 % in 10 months.

Odette’s story

I have struggled terribly with my weight since childhood. In my younger days I was often on a “crash diet” but it was by no means sustainable, and the weight just came back. Sometimes I lost a lot of weight, but as soon as I went back to my normal eating habits, I gained everything and a little more. Especially because I ‘rewarded’ myself, after I was able to lose some weight. The scale and mirror were my worst enemy. In 2014 and 2016, our girls were born. I gained quite a lot of weight with both pregnancies and never lost remarkably again. Every weekend I would say “Monday I’m going to eat right and exercise” but it never happened. I didn’t want my children to see my struggle and also see ‘overweight’ as this giant obstacle and swear word that I can’t overcome and beat. After years of struggling with weight going up and down weekly, I made the commitment in 2022, that I will lose the weight. I saw the advert for the Biggest Loser and decided now was my chance to do it. I ran full steam ahead and determined. All went well for the first 3 months. I then started gaining weight again. After blood tests, it was confirmed that I am insulin resistant and have very high cholesterol. I was immediately put on medication. By then it was winter and my motivation was very low and as a result I gained 4.35kg. And I’m taking pills now and thought, maybe I don’t have to try as hard anymore. If only I knew! In September I started intermittent fasting and followed the low carb eating plan on the LK Fitness app. After that, something in me just switched. I had a completely different mindset and the kilos started to fall off. For the first time in my life it felt like this plan was working! I realised weight loss first starts in your head, and then only in your body! I did have to lose the 4kg I had gained and then the rest. It wasn’t easy every day, but I learned that you just have to persevere, keep going, and stick with it! I am far from done. I still have at least 15kg to loose but slow and steady wins the race. My eating habits are finally fitting in with my busy lifestyle. This year I realised what you are capable of if you really want it. Thank you very much for the opportunity and all the support through the wonderful LK Fitness app and LK Fitness Closed Facebook Group.

Tersia feels great and fabulous for her 50th birthday in January 2023

Tersia lost 10.07 % in 10 months.

Tersia’s story

I entered the Biggest Loser competition at the beginning of this year (2022), with one aim in mind: to feel great and fabulous on my 50th birthday, as that would be the greatest gift I could give myself (and my family too).

This was however easier said than done… menopause was knocking at the door. I couldn’t sleep, was battling with hot flushes and no matter what I did I was still gaining weight… On 5 April 2022 I weighed 72.5kg. This was a rude awaking call as I couldn’t fasten my pants and many of my favourite clothes were not fitting anymore! I realised that I am responsible for my own journey to a new me and was determined that I will not end up without a “middle”.

Throughout this journey I was following the Banting (low carb) diet on the LK Fitness App where I tried to limit my intake of starches. That asked for more planning on my side, for example where in the past I was always eating bread for lunch I now enjoy protein with salad. If I look back, this was a lifestyle change which I will continue with. I also limited my daily coffee intake (which is difficult for a coffee-holic!) and increased my water intake.

I started to actively follow the LK Fitness App and just loved the fact that I can exercise at my own home. The combination of cardio with weights and toning are great, especially at my age. I am reaping the benefits – when our family went on vacation in July 2022, I was able to walk 17.5km without huffing and puffing and I felt great. (And just to add, the Facebook LK Fitness App closed group is great, as we really do motivate each other.)

Unfortunately, in August 2022,  I had problems with the ligaments in my feet, which set me back as some days I couldn’t exercise. However, the weight I’ve lost, definitely helped me with this recovery process, and believe it or not, I was advised that exercise is the best medicine and a MUST.

Well, the proof is in the pudding. I still want to lose another 8 kg to reach my goal weight, but I have already lost 10 kg! Through perseverance, I have and will continue to make the journey to a new fabulous me. There was certainly some hick-ups along the way, where I succumbed to my Achilles heels (some of which are fresh sourdough bread with cheese and baked cheesecake!). But I was able to recommit every time and get my program back on track.  I feel so proud of myself. 

This is certainly the biggest birthday gift I can gave myself when I celebrate my BIG 50 in Jan 2023! It is SOOO satisfying to fit into all my clothes again. Thank you Linda Kriel for all the motivations along the way, as well as to my dear husband and three teens who supported me throughout this journey. 

LK Fitness with a twist – An additional surprise prize – for noticeable Body Transformation and daily posts:

The prize of a LK Fitness crop top (in stock) – to someone who didn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but still entered the competition for motivation and were able to still lose weight (6 kg) and “transform” their body shape noticeably!

Well done to Lize and also a big thank you for posting daily and motivating everyone on our LK Fitness Facebook Closed Group for app users. Your determination, energy and hard work is inspiring!

Lize lost 8.71 % in 10 months.

Lize’s story

Thank you very much, I have to say the LK Fitness App is the best money I can spend. People can see that I’m losing weight and I’m so motivated. I’ve encouraged all my work colleagues. All thanks to Linda’s app that motivates me.

It was an amazing journey with amazing people. I am more than happy, best decision ever and yes, now just toning! I have to say I went back to a photo I took at entering the competition and compared it with todays! What an amazing difference, I am super proud! And worst of all, I thought, I wasn’t too fat LoL.

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