Will Squats Make Your Thighs Thinner?

QUESTION: “My thighs and butt is my biggest problem area. Would it help if I did a hundred squats every day?” 

ANSWER: Squatting is a great exercise to make your thighs (hamstrings and quads) firmer. If you do one hundred squats a day, your muscles will get firmer. 

Does “Spot Reducing” Work?

It is NOT possible to “spot reduce” and lose fat in one area by targeting one body part only. This means that doing a hundred squats a day will not make your thighs and butt SMALLER, it will only make it FIRMER.

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Squatting with Heavy Weight

If you train with heavy weights, then your thighs and butt could even get bigger in size. Many women these days desire a bigger bum and train with heavier weights in order to get it. Just take note that if you do this, your thighs will also get bigger. If you don’t want your legs to get bigger but only want to get them firmer, then it’s best to use LIGHT weights or no weights for squatting and to do more repetitions. If your weights are so heavy that you can’t complete 15 repetitions without resting, then you’ll be building bigger muscles.

Squatting with Light Weights or No Weights

By opting for lighter weights or no weights and more repetitions, you’ll build lean tissue and increase your metabolic rate which will cause you to burn more calories during the day. It will also then help with overall fat-loss throughout the body.

Final Verdict

Although squats will not make your thighs and butt thinner, it is a very effective exercise to firm up your legs, build lean tissue, increase your metabolic rate, and strengthen your legs to enable you to do activities such as hiking and climbing stairs with more ease.

Best Buttocks exercise if you don’t want your thighs to get bigger.

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