Exercising but still not losing weight? Here are 5 reasons

I often hear: “I eat healthy and exercise but I am still not losing weight”. To eat right and exercise in your own understanding does not mean that it is the RIGHT way to lose weight. Maybe look at the way you are doing things from a different perspective. Let’s look at a few reasons why you don’t lose weight even though you exercise:

1) You Eat the Wrong Food:

Avoid bread, sugar and processed food. Stay away from take-aways. Most take aways are high in sugar, unhealthy fats, sodium and preservatives and has little or no healthy vitamins, minerals and fibre. Lots of low fat food are also loaded with sugar and add to your weight, eg. low fat ice cream or yoghurt drinks.  Always read the nutritional information on the labels of the product.
Food like rusks and muffins are full of butter and sugar. If you want to eat these you have to opt for the Low GI rusks or muffins and restrict the amount you have.

On the LK Fitness app:

  • Under Low GI breakfast recipes, find the muffin recipes and rusk recipe
  • Under Keto/Banting recipes, find the low carb Carrot and nut muffin recipe.

If you don’t have the app, click here for a Low GI muffin recipe: Low GI bran muffins

2) You Eat Too Much:

If your energy intake (the food you eat ) is more  than the energy you use throughout the day, you WILL not lose weight.  It is impossible to not lose weight – except for medical reasons – if your energy used is less that your energy intake. Let’s take a look at my app eating plans. The menu’s are 5000-5400Kj per day. It is specifically planned for women to lose weight. If you add to that a circuit program you burn another 600 – 1000Kj. You will lose weight. If you think you do not eat too much – even if it is only a spoonful of your kids leftover’s – write it down and see how much you really eat.

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3) You Don’t Do Any Weight Training:

Lots of people only wants to do cardio for fat burning. Cardio is good for fat burning but does not do much to increase your muscle percentage. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Muscles are metabolically active, therefore if you want a fast metabolism you have to do weight training. My circuit training programs is just what you need. It helps with increase muscle percentages which burn more fat.

4) You Don’t Exercise Hard Enough:

If you battle to get results with your exercise program it is maybe time to increase the intensity. Your program needs to be intensity orientated and not time orientated. The harder you work the shorter the session needs to be. In my programs the high intensity sessions like TABATA is short but intense. This way of exercising the after-burn is bigger. Meaning your metabolism is 24 hours after exercising higher and your body burns more fat.

5) You Don’t Rest:

If you did a high intensity exercise program you need rest days. On all my exercise programs you will not find two high intensity days one after another. You can exercise 6 days a week but some days are active resting, doing exercises for a specific muscle group or low intensity or stretching. If you follow your own exercise program make sure to have rest days. When you have a good balance between rest and exercise your body can work optimal to burn more fat.

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