How Many Kilojoules Are You Burning?

Ever wondered what activities burn the most kilojoules?

You know you should exercise if you want to lose weight, but why is exercise so important? Is it simply because you burn energy whilst exercising?

No, it is about so much more than what happens during your workout. When you exercise, you increase your muscle percentage. Your muscle cells use fat as their source of energy. Therefore, the higher a person’s muscle percentage, the more fat their body burns, even though they are in a resting position. But for interest’s sake, I have listed below more or less how many kilojoules you burn during specific activities.

To lose half a kilogram per week, you should burn about 15 000 kilojoules more than usual. The amount of kilojoules burned during an activity depends on how much you weigh. A person weighing 50kg will burn less kilojoules during a specific activity than a person weighing 80kg doing that same activity. A good way to burn extra kilojoules is to extend the duration of your workouts or to exercise at a higher intensity.

The table below gives an indication of how many kilojoules (kJ) a person weighing 70 kg burns:

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)3780 kj per hour63 kj per minute
Skipping3100 kj per hour52 kj per minute
Jogging @ 9 km per hour3000 kj per hour50 kj per minute
Swim @ 45 m per minute2000 kj per hour33 kj per minute
Brisk walking @ 7,5 km per hour1800 kj per hour30 kj per minute
Cycling @ 20 km per hour1700 kj per hour28 kj per minute
Tennis (singles)1700 kj per hour28 kj per minute

Remember, you need variety in your workout plan:

For the best results in weight-loss, it is crucial to have a good mix of cardio, strength training, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s not only about how many kilojoules you burn during a session. For example, strengthening and toning your muscles in a strength training workout will allow your body to burn fat long after you’ve finished exercising.

Creating your own workout plan is difficult.

We’ve designed the ultimate weight-loss workout plan and meal plans for you.

Make exercising fun!
Linda xx

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