Natasha lost 6,5kg in 6 weeks!

Natasha Cloete, aged 36, achieved an incredible transformation in just 8 weeks, using the LK Fitness App. Her journey was really remarkable and it shows how much progress you can make with the right exercise and meal plan. Congratulations, Natasha, your transformation is truly inspiring. Read her story below:

Natasha’s Story

“What a journey! I lost 6.5 kg in these 8 weeks. I dropped 2 dress sizes. I am energised and feel happy and proud. I drink lots of water, eat healthy and have no more cravings for bread and sugar.

The LK Fitness App is such a wonderful tool for both exercising and eating healthy. I followed the mediterranean eating plan and I started exercising again. The exercises are well explained and demonstrated, timed and organised. I love it!!!

Way to go Linda! You change lives for the better!” – Natasha Cloete

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