Fat Burning Blitz Program

Yes you do have time to exercise. Five minutes is enough time to break a sweat and tax your muscles.

Do this Blitz Program of 5 exercises to burn tons of calories and help tone your muscles on days you are pressed for time.

Do each of the five exercises for 50 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. If you have more time, repeat the round.

For the best results, do this blitz program after completing your daily exercises provided on the LK Fitness app.

You can repeat the exercises two or three times if you’re up to it. A fast pace will keep your heart rate elevated for maximum benefit.

For a comprehensive exercise program, download the LK Fitness app.

The app consists of daily exercises curated by Linda Kriel herself, consisting of short, effective workouts for all levels of fitness! It also has keto/banting, low GI and Mediterranean meal plans and recipes to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

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