Toned arms in the pool

Combine two effective exercises to sculpt your arms and eliminate excess fat. To maximise your results, integrate this routine after completing your daily exercises recommended on the LK Fitness app.

Embrace the aquatic path to beautifully toned arms!

1) Use your body weight

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Position your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the pool’s edge.
  • Bend your legs and propel yourself upward as if you’re preparing to exit the pool.
  • Extend your arms fully, engaging the triceps muscles at the rear of your upper arms.
  • Ensure tight abdominal muscles for an added benefit to your core, enhancing the overall abdominal workout.

  • Now, gradually lower your body until your feet are on the verge of touching the pool floor.
  • Subsequently, initiate another upward push, mimicking the motion of climbing out. Maintain taut stomach muscles and straight arms throughout the ascent.
  • Repeat the sequence.

How Many Sets & Reps

  • Perform this body weight exercise for a minimum of 10 to 15 repetitions per set.
  • In the intervals between sets, engage in water treading (refer to instructions below) to elevate your heart rate. This not only facilitates kilojoule burning but also enhances the probability of reducing the layer of fat on your upper arms.
  • Strive to complete 2-5 sets based on your individual fitness level and specific fitness objectives.

2) Tread water

  • Keep your head above water by moving your arms and legs, making sure your feet don’t touch the bottom.
  • Treading water works your arms, legs and stomach and it speeds up your heart rate, which is why it’s great for burning fat and enhancing your fitness.
  • After each set of upper arms (the exercise above), tread water to increase your heart rate so that you burn kilojoules and increase the likelihood that you’ll reduce the layer of fat on your upper arms.
  • Start with 30 seconds and gradually do more, until you’re able to do at least 1-3 minutes between sets of body weight exercise, depending on your level of fitness and your fitness goals.

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