2023 – Best Body Transformations

LK Fitness hosted the Best Body Transformation (BBT) Challenge that inspired women from all walks of life to take on the challenge to lose weight, become fitter, healthier and transform their bodies in just 3 months.

The BBT challenge was about body transformation and NOT just weight loss. We were looking for changes in body shape, muscle definition, and weight/fat loss.

The top three transformations won prizes to the value of R45 000! (Scroll down to see the prizes.)

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Below are a few inspirational stories from some of those who completed this challenge, highlighting their reasons, challenges, setbacks, mind-shifts, and how the LK Fitness app helped them achieve their goals.

Best Body Transformation 2023 WINNER and Runners-up!

Winner – Paula Klaassen, at the young age of 47 is happy and joyful that she achieved her goal! She not only won R31 000 worth of prizes, but also inspired and motivated like-minded woman during the process with her positive attitude.

Paula’s story

“I achieved my Linda Kriel BBT Challenge Goal, not only on the scale, but also the denim skirt that has been lying in my closet for a long time, fits like a glove. My experience of this challenge was one that I’ll never be able to compare to other challenges, and I have been on a few. The LK Fitness difference for me was:
1) It didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to achieve the transformation. And the little money it did cost me carries me through even after the challenge has stopped – thus helping to stabilise the weight.
2) Linda’s involvement throughout the challenge kept me motivated.
3) The exercise part of the challenge was my biggest inspiration to sign up. The training program is not boring for one moment, and I couldn’t wait to see what exercises were in store for the next week.
4) I am in love with LK’s Mediterranean eating plan.
5) And then finally, the Facebook Close Group was awesome. The sharing and motivation and positive comments every day encouraged me to exercise and post.
I am happy…… I am jubilant and cheering with excitement.”

First runner up Amanda van Staden, needed a challenge to keep her motivated and start working positively on her body transformation as well as her health. She won prizes to the value of R10 400 to celebrate her achievement!

Amanda’s story

“I’ve started a program quite a few times in the past and then given up after 3-4 days, so I was pretty skeptical. I think my husband was my great motivation to continue with the challenge, as he was also willing to eat and exercise with me. Also the support group on Facebook and the WhatsApp messages themselves were also of great help.
Although I walk quite a bit at work, I started the LK Fitness app exercises as a beginner and very quickly realised how unfit I really am. I now do the advanced exercises in the mornings and if the weather permits, the dog goes for a jog-walk with me for about 3km in the evening.
I follow the Low-GI eating program and tried intermittent fasting for the first time, which fits me like a glove. I have also cut out my alcohol intake, but I allow myself one night to indulge in a week.
Thank you LK Fitness, you have an awesome app and a very friendly team.”

Second runner up – Willene Kruger, who will be turning 40 next year, has lost 15,8kg in 3 months! She won prizes to the value of R3,500. She can’t wait for another challenge!

 Willene’s story

“My experience was surely a memorable one, as the challenge gave me confidence and motivation I couldn’t get anywhere else. I recognised my uniqueness and individuality. I found the LK FITNESS APP and BBT challenge to be a treasure that gave me invaluable joys on my journey and for the rest of my life!  I now call it…. My new lifestyle!”

More before and after photo’s of some of the ladies that participated:

Zelda Roch

“I really enjoyed the challenge. I LOVE the app. It’s everything you need and more. The Facebook private group is very motivating. It was not only a challenge but a lifestyle change for me. Thank you very much Linda.”

Surei De Plessis

Surei said struggled to lose the last 3kg of weight after having three pregnancies. After gaining 2kg during the December holiday, she decided to try the LK Fitness app. She found the exercises on the app to be doable and manageable, with only 7 to 10 minutes required on the beginner level. Later in the challenge, she even had the courage to try the intermediate level and can now keep up for 20 to 30 minutes. She hit her goal weight, and the low GI meal plan on the app helped her. Surei now enjoys cooking and no longer worries about what to make for dinner. Her family even compliments her cooking skills. She plans to continue with the LK Fitness app as it has become a lifestyle.
“Thank you Linda and team for all the effort that went into this app!”

Manasté Schmidt

Manesté was looking for motivation to start and maintain her exercise routine, and the BBT challenge was just what she needed. She loved the exercises on the LK Fitness app, and the meal plans and recipes were a big surprise. Manesté mostly followed the Keto plan, and found it helpful not having to worry about meal planning. Manesté is close to achieving her weight goal, and looks forward to the next challenge.

Liefie (Ethel May) van Wyk

Liefie (Ethel May) transformed her lifestyle through the BBT challenge. She learned discipline and stayed motivated with the help of Linda Kriel and the other participants. She never skipped a day of exercise during the challenge, and is proud of her transformation, even though it was not easy every day. Liefie plans to continue using the app and has stayed committed even while on holiday. She feels amazing after working out and believes that if you can dream it, you can do it!

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