How to take great before and after photos

The best way to determine if you look slimmer, fitter and more toned is by taking progress photos. Taking a photo before you start and comparing it to a new photo, week to week or month to month, will show you changes in your body over time and boost your confidence.

10 Tips to great before and after photos

Consistency is key to taking great progress photos. So, follow these ten steps to ensure you replicate the same conditions every time โ€“ the only difference should be you!

1. Always take the same two photos – from the front and side.

2. Wear the same clothes each time you take your photos, regardless of the season.

3. Remember your position – stand the same distance away from the camera on each occasion.

4. Take the photos at the same time of day.

5. Use a room with plenty of natural light.

6. Have the same background – a blank wall is best – remove all distractions from your background or the mirror’s reflection.

7. Use the same approach – take your photos using a full-length mirror or ask someone else to take your pics for you.

8. Keep it plain – do not add text to or merge your photos.

9. Set a monthly reminder so you can capture photos at consistent intervals.

10. Keep your photos safe – create a special storage folder on your phone to keep all your progress photos in one place.

Bonus tips

SMILE! You have the right to look (and feel) pretty, regardless of whether you’re starting your journey, or have already reached your fitness goals ๐Ÿ™‚ It can take anything from four to eight weeks to see noticeable changes in appearance โ€“ sometimes more, sometimes less. Just keep making healthy choices and taking regular photos and you will see a difference eventually.

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